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Arte della miniatura

The miniature is an antique art, born in the middle-age, to decor the handwritten-books by monks in the monasteries. This kind of art developed in the 18th century, since the painter Rosalba Carriera discovered that the colors became more brilliants and naturals if painted on an ivory plaque. In our “Atelier”  in Florence (Italy) we use, even nowadays, the same techniques, setting the miniatures in every kind of frame (wood, silver, boxes etc…) and jewelry, obtaining unique pieces which you can't find in any other place in the world. We work on order, painting any kind of subjects, such portraits of persons or animals, still life and what else you like. We even make copies of existing paintings. All pieces are accompanied with a warranty. For more information, please call the number: +39055218652, or use the e-mail: fchiesi@artedellaminiatura.it.

The miniature.